Friday, December 3, 2010

Lazy Customers....

Lazy customers piss me off.  If you are coming into my store to buy something, find it, grab it, pay for it, then leave.  Is that so freakin hard to follow?  Let me tell you what happened this past summer with a pre-approved Dr. Kevorkian patient who was so lazy it's a wonder he managed to make it out his front door that day without crying like a bitch because he had to use his legs.

This steaming pile of rotten fecal waste walks into our garden center to buy the heaviest landscape blocks we sell.  Before I go any further, it should be known that this cognitively deficient mental midget was about 6'3'' 200-215 lbs., about 30 years old, and was NOT crippled in any way, he was NOT in a wheelchair being pushed by a caretaker, and was NOT pulled out the back of an ambulance in a full body caste.  Now instead of doing the normal thing and loading up the blocks himself (LOL - as if THAT'S ever happened), this piece of literal shit finds the most petite lady in the area (she's under 5'5'' and thin), and has the freakin nerve to tell her that he needs her to load up 10 of these blocks (each block is just over half her body weight - no joke) on a cart to push up to the register where he'll pay for them (AMAZING he can pay for things without having his hand held). This deviantly defective failure of a human also tells her he'll need help loading the blocks.  Where the hell is a firing squad when you REALLY REALLY need one?!?

Does this bottom-feeding mollusk go into to the grocery store to get milk and stops to ask someone to bring what he wants up to the front to pay for it?  Seriously?  What the hell is he going to do with the blocks once he gets them home? Ask the 85-year-old quadriplegic next door to unload the blocks for him?!?

THAT my friends and retards, is the best political argument for widespread euthanasia....

Jack!! Where are you when we need you?!


  1. You do not need to be in a wheelchair to be considered handicapped and unable to lift such heavy things. Could have a bad back or half a foot. And the employee was hired with the understanding that she would have to lift said heavy objects. Just sayin'.

  2. Ah Ha! You must be a worthless turd also! I guess you totally missed the point about what the hell this "poor guy with the bad back" is gonna do with the blocks once he gets home with them! Maybe he just wants to look at them in the back of his truck for a month or so cause he thinks they're pretty? Bullshit. He's just a pathetic ass clown like you are. Idiot.

  3. I work retail too, pal. This is SO true! What sucks is that most of these idiot customers need help carrying something to their car ten feet away, which is something that I can carry for five miles in one hand. I might as well carry some toilet paper with me so they can have their ass wiped at the same time that they enjoy their shopping experience. This site rocks!!!