Thursday, January 20, 2011


I cannot even count how many of you fucking idiots think that a retail store is a god damn swap meet or a pawn shop. I'm not here to negotiate a price with you numbnuts, you pay what the fucking sign says or you can fucking leave. I do not care if you spend more money than you can count on both hands, it doesn't qualify you for a discount. Here's an example:

RETARD: Hey guy if I buy this grill ( usually the cheapest piece of shit we have ) could you throw in a cover or give me a "deal" on a rotisserie?

ME: No.

RETARD: Well this guy at another store was gonna give me 10% off on this same grill.  ( lies lies lies most stores do not carry the same products for this exact reason )

ME:  Sorry I'm not going to give a discount.

RETARD:  :'( ( crying and either buys it because he was lying or leaves )

Does this same cheap ass idiot go to the grocery store, buy two packages of hot dogs and ask the cashier to throw in the buns? Probably not. I can't even count the amount of times you fucking broke ass morons ask for a discount.

Just today a retard lady asked if she could get a discount on an item because it was $250.00, wooooohooooo big fucking spender everyone look out!! This broke cunt's wallet is about to explode!!
Even worse than those people are the fucking cum dumpsters that ask for the sale price on an item 3 months after the sale ended or they say " I was in here last year with my assisted living chaperon and this was $5 less than it is now. Can I get it for $5 off? "
Try this, go to a gas station and tell the clerk that in 2001 the gas price was $1.98 and that it is now $3.21 and that you want it for $1.98. He will laugh at you because you are retarded. It's called inflation jackasses and its very simple, the cost to make x product increases so it costs more for stores to buy x product ( that's correct stores do have to buy things. They don't magically appear ) so stores charge more for x product. Stop bitching about the price! Stop asking for discounts! Stop asking for sale prices after the sale is over! I wish all of you asshats would find a nice parking spot on a train track and take a nap!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Lovely post? This guy is the retard, even besides the fact his language/grammer is foul. It's a fact that everything is negotiable. This guy would probably make the store he works minimum wage at more money if he simply talked with the people. This guy's IQ is clearly below 100, which isn't saying much, but he's clearly uneducated as well.

    2. In fact, that's why there are price-matching policies at most stores. Stores sell TVs they get for 500 for over 1000 dollars. That's a huge markup. You never know. It could be a TV they've had "on sale" for months and the manager would be MORE than happy to sell it for $800 to get it off the floor. You think this customer is the one trying to be "high and mighty"? It's actually you, sir. I see this post was 5 years ago, and you're either still working minimum wage, or you've gotten fired.

  2. Thank you! We just write about what we experience every day!

  3. No fucking shit. I hate people like this. It pisses me off so much. You don't go into McDonald's and ask for a discount on a Big Mac cause you buy one every day of your fucking life you fat piece of shit. It's that price for a damn reason. Companies just don't pull these prices out of their asses. It's that damn price for a reason!!!!! SO STOP ASKING FOR A FUCKING DISCOUNT!!!!

  4. Amen to that bro! The fucking idiots all want to feel like they are somehow special enough to be given free shit or discounts... YOU ARE NOT. Pay the fucking price on the pricetag and/or fuck off