Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Day to Vote for Worst Job Ever!

It is the last day of my poll and it appears that the clear winner for "worst job" is RETAIL!!  Such a shocker!!  The other jobs all pay better, and even the Animal Inseminator or Prison Janitor have less BULLSHIT to deal with then us retail workers.  You know what makes retail worse than inseminator or janitor?  THEY only have to deal with "animals" while WE have to deal with stupid frickin' people. 

To you assholes that sit on your ass at a desk every day making $18+ an hour and whine that your job is soooooo hard/stressful/boring and that you don't get paid enough, I have this to say:
Work retail for a month and ANYONE will be grateful for the job they have.  OR if you are on unemployment (thanks to corporate and government greed shipping all the jobs overseas), you will be grateful that you DON'T have a job if retail was your only choice!!

NOW, I have to cut this short and get ready for work because my cock-sucking assistant manager insists I work late today, then early tomorrow morning.  My most sincere wish is for this boy-loving assface to be force-fed down his throat(with a long rusty rod wrapped in 80 grit sandpaper) a plethora of parasites including (but not limited to) fullgrown tapeworms, roundworm, hookworm, guinea worms, and ascaris worms until he gets the message that it is NOT "okay" to be a complete and total power-tripping asshole.  Thank you very much.


  1. Ha! You MUST work for walmart!

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