Monday, March 14, 2011

People In The Way

This applies not only to the perspective of a retail employee, but to anyone who shops, especially at grocery stores.  First off, sometimes big machines like forklifts need to drive around the store to get shit done.  They are big, and they are heavy, and if some retard customer got hit by one, his ass would be grass.  THEREFORE: You would THINK that anyone who has ever had the teeny tiniest sparkle of common sense in their whole life would hear the loud beeping, the horn, and see the large colorful machine headed their direction and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.  But no, these Christopher Reeve wannabe's just stand there in a coma fixated on whatever little trinket on the shelf they are staring at and will never buy.  It would take a WHOLE 3 seconds for these drooling neanderthals to step back, let me pass, then continue to drool while trying to figure out what they are doing out of their retard cage in the first place. 

These poop stains that mindlessly stand in the way of a forklift are the same stupid bitches that walk across the parking lot staring straight ahead and don't even slow down when walking past the area between the parking lot and the front entrance of the store - you know, where CARS DRIVE PAST FREQUENTLY!!!!!! What stupid, arrogant fools!!  As if they expect to be like superman and have the cars bounce off them.  Do what your failed parents SHOULD have taught you, and LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET!!  Let the cars pass, THEN go on your merry way. 


"Excuse me, Helen Keller!!! Helloooooo?!?! Could you please move before I take great joy in flattening your dumb ass like a pancake?!!!"

The other retards in the grocery store are the ones bent over looking at Pasta-Roni, while their cart sits at an angle resting against the rice, thereby blocking the whole damn isle.  Stay to one side morons!!  Dont stick your fat ass out in the middle of the skinny aisle to look at something.  IF someone is coming, MAKE SURE YOUR SHIT (cart, kids etc.) IS OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Totally self-absorbed, inconsiderate worms.

That's what these idiots get for being in the middle of a


  1. I've always wondered WHY on earth the stores would allow cars to pass right in front of the doors. It seems much more logical to me to make it so that the cars would not have to drive through there in the first place. Then again, my logic is faulty at times.

  2. Hahahahahaha. This is great. I read the rest of your blogs and as other people who have or are currently working in retail pointed out, it's all FUCKING TRUE!! I worked in retail for 6 months and even within that short amount of time, I felt like I was going to go crazy dealing with brainless, stupid ass customers.