Friday, November 18, 2011


Well I haven't made any new posts in quite a while because I got out of retail HELL several months ago and so did Kyle.  I now have a REAL job that I applied for along with 200 other applicants who failed miserably in comparison to my resume and interviewing charisma. That goes to show that only the complete fuck-tards in retail management lack people skills (or ANY skills) in the same way a cobra lacks a social support network of mice.

I will never, ever go back to retail, but I can't wait to be standing in line at some store while listening to some grumpy old grandma complain about the cashier being too slow, and then turning around and giving that cunt a Stone-Cold Stunner to shut-her-the-fuck-up.

Finally, my brilliant post entitled, " All Engineers Are Arrogant Assholes " has been getting a lot of hits lately, and I wanted to ensure all the readers of this blog that I meant every single word of that post.  Engineers ARE ALL Arrogant Assholes.  Every-Single-One.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANS!  Have a nice day!