Monday, March 7, 2011

The Daily Musings

So I write about the idiocy of people as set examples, yet I don't think you non-retail workers out there really understand the mind-blowing frequency at which customers act like retards and a-holes.  JUST YESTERDAY I had to deal with several morons that acted EXACTLY as described here in this blog.  Here are just TWO retards that are in desperate need of euthanasia:

#1 A seriously stupid bitch was buying 3 wooden fence panels FOR HER HUSBAND, and even though there were nearly identical panels next to the ones she wanted for HALF-OFF, her butt-blasting husband on the phone insisted on the ones he told her to get.  Now after me and a buddy haul these 6' x 6' panels all the way to the front of the store without ANY HELP from the bitch buying them, she says "I have a truck with a camper shell but these panels should fit without any problem."  YOU DUMB WHORE.  Not in a million years would these panels fit in a truck with a camper shell.

#2 Some fuckhead came in looking for an electric space heater (I guess nobody told him it's MARCH) and just would not take NO FOR AN ANSWER when I told him we don't have it anymore for the season.  This deliberately beligerant sewer rat continued looking desperately all around on the shelves for what he wanted and reiterated what the heater looked liked, its cost etc.  I should have said, "Listen dipshit, I know what you are looking for and we DO NOT HAVE IT you retarded rotten scab." What the customer DID say was, "Well is there someone else working here that might know if it got moved or put away for the season???"

Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Retail really is the WORST JOB EVER

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  1. I love how folks think seasonal stuff should be carried year round.

  2. Absolutely, it's awesome. I've had people looking for A/C units in December and ice-melt in the peak of summer. What the hell do you need this shit for at these times??